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Top 10 Bucks Party Games!

Top 10 Stag Do Games

Stag Do Games are a must on a stag do, not only will it create a togetherness amoungst the group, it will also be fricking funny.

Just a word of warning, we do not condone masses amounts of drinking that these games promote, this article is just a service we provide for people that would like to know about stag do games, which obviously includes a little tipple or two.

Chicken Run

This game is brilliant and includes dressing the stag up as a chicken.

SO, dress the stag up in a chicken outfit then, everyone sticks £10 into a kitty and gives it to the stag.

The stag dressed up as a chicken has as long as it takes for everyone to buy a drink and finish it to find a bar and drink the kitty dry – just imagine, a bloke sat in a bar, dressed up as a chicken, drinking alone, hilarious!

The group splits up into teams of 2 – 3, the first teams to find the stag/chicken get to drink from the kitty. The game is over once the kitty is dry or all the teams have found the stag.

Flipping – Sip or Strip

Flip a coin and shout out heads or tails.

If you call correct pass the coin onto the person on your right, if you guess wrong you have to either; neck a shot or take a good slug of your drink or take an item of clothing off, then pass the coin to your left.

Making the game more interesting, you cannot do the same consequence more than twice in a row (sip or strip).

Back Fire

This is a truth or dare game with funny consequences perfect for a stag do.

Everyone in the group writes a truth or dare for the stag to do, once this is done you announce that this game is called back fire and everyone has to do their own truth or dare!

How Many Dibbles?

First of all you need a cork, must be made of cork, a plastic one simply won’t do. You also need a lighter so you can blacken the end of the cork, by lighting it and then blowing it out.

You also need a full drink.

Everyone sits in a circle and is given an Ibble Dibble number.

The game starts with Ibble Dibble Number 1 Dibble who has to say:

“This is Ibble Dibble Number 1, with no dibbles, calling Ibble Dibble Number (any number he chooses), with no dibbles”.

Once you mess up and make a mistake you have to take a slug of your drink and get a dibble, a dibble is a mark on the face from the blackened cork.

The person who makes a mistake (say he was Ibble Dibble Number 3), starts the game off again, saying:

“This is Ibble Dibble Number 3, with 1 dibble, calling Ibble Dibble Number (any number he chooses), with no dibbles”.

The game moves on from there, gets very messy and is hilarious.

Shark Attack

This is a really easy game to play and is loads of fun. The shark spotter shouts “SHARK ATTACK”, everyone must get off the floor, the last one to do this has to down his drink and then becomes the shark spotter.

Kings Drinking Game (also known as ring of fire)

This game involves a deck of cards and a pint glass.

You pop the empty pint glass into the middle of the table with the deck of cards spread out around the pint glass, faces down.

Everyone sits around the table and in turn picks a card, when you get a king you must pour some of your drink into the pint glass in the middle of the table.

The last person to pick a king must down the contents of the pint glass, which sits in the middle of the table, which will be full with three different drinks, ouch!

With this game you can make up other rules such as; if you pick a 2 of any suit you can choose someone in the group to drink two fingers of their own drink, or if someone picks a black jack they must hug the next person that comes through the door, anything that suits.

Toy Soldier

Everyone brings along a toy soldier and when someone shouts “INCOMING” everyone must replicate the position their toy soldier is in for 10 seconds. Sniper is my favorite!

Pub Golf Tour Championship

You will need the knowledge of at least 9 pubs and the ability to keep the stag group moving.

Are you playing 9 or 18 watering holes (pubs)?

Once you have this established you need to make each pub a 3, 4 or 5 par,  giving everyone a scorecard to mark their scores on, or nominate someone to record the scores.

So for example the Red Lion is a par 4, you will need to drink all of your drink in 4 glugs or less, each glug acts as a stoke.

If you take 6 glugs to finish your drink then 6 strokes will be added to your scorecard.

If you go to the toilet, spill your drink, fall over, cheat or refuse a drink from the bar man, extra strokes are added to your scorecard.

The person with the least amount of strokes on his scorecard wins.

Tip: Make it more realistic and dress up as golfers!

It’s Dare

This is a little unfair on the stag, but hey he’s the stag and he deserves it.

Everyone in the group puts a dare into a hat, then all over the stag weekend he has to pull out a dare and do it.

Tip: Make sure the dares are possible, like find a hen party and kiss the bride to be or get a stranger to touch your bare bum.


This is a team game, everyone in the group has a woosh, that’s a chance to shout at the top of his voice “WOOSH”. When this happens everyone in the group has to down their drink. Imagine a group of 20 people, that’s 20 times, so a weekend game then!!

This game usually turns into picking on the stag moment when every time the stag buys a drink someone shouts “WOOSH!”


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