29 Jul

1 on 1 with Frankie Blaze


If you’ve been to The Men’s Gallery on a Friday or Saturday night for the feature shows you probably would’ve seen Frankie Blaze tear up centre stage. This gifted showgirl has a background in dance and combines her talent and sex appeal to deliver some of the most exhilarating shows leaving most guys (and girls) wanting more.

SO WHAT MADE YOU BECOME A DANCER? I was a bartender at a rival club and got fired for using the photocopier inappropriately (making copies of private parts) and handing it out to customers. Without an income at the time I decided to become a full time dancer.

WHAT IS YOUR WORKING BACKGROUND? I’ve always worked in hospitality, I once worked at a cake shop and got fired for getting drunk off the rum bars (alcoholic cakes)

DO YOU FEEL THAT WHEN YOU’RE OUT IN PUBLIC THAT PEOPLE CAN TELL YOU’RE A DANCER? No, because I take joy in having an alter ego, good girl by day bad girl by night.

DO YOU FEEL THAT THE REAL YOU AND YOUR STRIPPER ALTER EGO ARE DIFFERENT OR ARE YOU ONE IN THE SAME? They are very similar, Im a pornstar in bed but a girl that you can take home to mum and impress her!

DO YOU EVER RUN INTO CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF WORK? I have seen a few, I saw a guy with his wife walking down the street one time and gave him a wink. It was totally awkward… for him hahaha

DO YOU EVER TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS WHAT YOU REALLY HAVE GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE? Yeah, because guys are really smart and can tell when you are lying about shit. The truth is more interesting than making it up.

DO YOUR CUSTOMERS TAKE CARE OF YOU GUYS (i.e gifts/pressies) ? I had this regular who worked in the fruit markets and once a week he would bring mangoes and all my favourite fruits and vegetables. I like gifts that are practical.

WHEN MEN SEE YOU IN THE CLUB, WHAT’S THE ONE THING THAT THEY CAN DO TO TICK YOU OFF? If I can give one tip for men, come into the club smelling good and have a full pack of gum. It instantly makes them more attractive and makes us want to get right up and close.

DO YOU THINK IT WILL BE HARD TO GO BACK TO A REGULAR JOB? Yeah, you just cant walk around naked in a normal job, it’s my favourite thing to do!

DO YOU FEEL THAT WOMEN TALK TRASH ABOUT WHAT YOU DO? No. I think we are in a generation where women are building each other up rather than tearing each other down. I have friends ask me for references to get them jobs after they see what I do.

DOES YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY KNOW? ARE YOU OPEN ABOUT YOUR JOB? My family does know, my dad wanted me to introduce him to my work colleagues. My close friends all know but anyone who doesn’t need to know, doesn’t.

WHEN DO YOU FEEL YOU’LL STOP? When stripping no longer suits my lifestyle. At the moment its done nothing but make me stronger as a person. I have plan B’s and C’s but I’m happy where I am.

SO WHAT ARE SOME CRAZY THINGS YOU SEE IN THE LAPDANCE AREA? I’ll tell you something I done. I had this guy lay down and I poured candle wax on him until he said ‘mummy please stop!’

ARE THERE TIMES WHEN YOU DON’T MAKE ANY MONEY? No, I have a lot of fans, a really strong fan base of regulars and online people where at least once a night I dance for someone who I have danced for previously.

DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE GOOD GAME? I have subtle game. There are certain groups of guys where you have to approach them differently. Some guys want to know how much of a country girl I am and others want to know how much I can squat.

WHY WOULD GUYS WANT TO BOOK YOU FOR A FUNCTION? I’m like a magician. I don’t reveal my tricks until you see me doing them because I can guarantee that you will see some shit that you have never seen before. Aside from the buck, I really like to entertain everybody, Im a crowd pleaser.

You can follow Frankie J Blaze online on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Frankieblazemensgallery

You can also catch Frankie Blaze at The Men’s Gallery most weekends or contact us to find out how to book her for your private bucks function.

Comments ( 7 )
  • david zee

    This girl woah what can i say
    The hottest and most flexible girl i have ever seen.
    She will blow your brains out as she did to me >_>

    Funniest sense of humor
    I highly recommend her saying from experience 😉

  • Remy

    Great interview! Wish there was more to hear from Frankie and the author. But just as well, the interview was short, sweet and to the point much how like Frankie is as a human being. She’s a joy to be around. Consider yourselves lucky if you get more of her time at anytime.


    YES YES YES Congratulations Frankie J Blaze. Miss Nude Hobart 2016. I know in my heart you will do very well in Miss Nude Australia and hope you do win. Representing The Men’s Gallery & yourself. I’ll be there cheering on loud. I’m on TEAM FRANKIE. #TWERKGODDESS #MY FRIEND #GODDESS #SEXYBABE #HOTTIE xxx

  • Stu pidman

    Frankie is one of the sexiest showgirls you could hope to see. Her shows are so full of energy and super hot. Shes also an absolute top girl off the stage. If you haven’t seen her show you should reward yourself and get to one at the earliest time.!!

  • Ray

    She’s a perfect 10. Personality wise and looks. You have to meet her to understand.


    I have been customer at The Men’s Gallery for years and by gosh Frankie always takes my breathe away. This is a great interview, its great to hear her speak so candidly.

    Please interview more of the girls, please please please

    Freddy xox

  • Great person Great style & hard worker. Frankie in my view deserves this title of her career to cherish forever.

    Known Frankie for couple years now & is always surprising me with the effort she puts into her performances / always give 200%. Loves seeing her shows….