29 Jul

1 on 1 with Frankie Blaze

If you’ve been to The Men’s Gallery on a Friday or Saturday night for the feature shows you probably would’ve seen Frankie Blaze tear up centre stage. This gifted showgirl has a background in dance and combines her talent and sex appeal to deliver some of the most exhilarating shows leaving most guys (and girls) wanting […]

08 Jul

Top 10 Bucks Party Games!

Top 10 Stag Do Games Stag Do Games are a must on a stag do, not only will it create a togetherness amoungst the group, it will also be fricking funny. Just a word of warning, we do not condone masses amounts of drinking that these games promote, this article is just a service we […]

08 Jul

What happens when you mix a Flying Dildo and a Best Man?

THE best man at a wedding was left battered and bloodied after he was hit in the head by a fast-moving dildo. The flying phallus left Darwin architect Jure Skumavc, 31, nursing a split forehead. Mr Skumavc said he was injured by the bullet-shaped, pink, sex toy – measuring about 12cm in length – at […]

08 Jul

Groom cops an EPIC makeover for his Bucks Party!

A GROOM has been given what could possibly be the filthiest buck’s party makeover ever. UK man Mark Longley was gaffer taped to a wheelchair wearing nothing but a nappy, massive clown shoes and a new glued-on beard, which covered most of his face. The Mirror reports that the bizarre looking facial hair was actually a […]

08 Jul

Legendary Lad crashes Bucks Party after being wrongly sent an invite!

This is the sort of story that wouldn’t be out of place in a movie. It is the tale of how one man who got accidentally included in another’s bucks’ party email chain and the result was quite a surprise. On February 11 Joey DiJulio, from Seattle, got the first email of many referring to […]